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  • MAPPING SARAJEVO 1914-2014

    1 City - 3 Wars - 1 Olympics = 1 Lesson
    poster map / infographic

    Even though we have used digital tools to transcend our mapping methodology, we have opted for a print format - a ‘human-touch’ experience. In the age of Web 2.0 such serious, interesting and educational topic such is Sarajevo 1914-2014 deserves our Analogue-Attention.

  • The Fall of Yugoslavia

    poster map / infographic view
  • SREBRENICA: Mapping the Genocide

  • Sarajevo Survival Map 1992-1996

    poster map / infographic view

FAMA Collection brings home the human scale of events, places and experiences of the Siege of Sarajevo '92-'96 by communicating Collective Memory with Human Touch. As a virtual Bank of Knowledge, it aims to bridge a digital divide between the Culture of Remembrance and the Real-Time Quest for knowledge. FAMA Projects are considered the world's largest independent Collection of multi-media projects pertaining to the Siege of Sarajevo (1992-1996) and related events in reference to the Fall of Yugoslavia (1991-1999). Over the years, the collection has grown amidst impossible conditions (the siege and post-war transition), in a variety of pioneering mapping concepts, topics and international acknowledgements. FAMA Projects and FAMA Collection are owned by FAMA Authors (Suada Kapic and Miran Norderland). Virtual FAMA Collection is supervised and administered by FAMA Authors. www.famacollection.org